Sunday, April 10, 2016

7 months post activation

So we are at almost 7 months post activation with Keira's Cochlear Implant. Since the 3rd mapping her vocalizations and attempted words have grown so much! She now wears both her Neptune and her Naida processors. She still prefers the Neptune but she is much more tolerable of her Naida. She is also wearing her hearing aid with her Cochlear implant more and more. She still doesn't tolerate the hearing aid in the car for long periods but she does great at her toddler class and during speech with the aid. She is becoming more and more aware of music and likes to dance now! :) Her sign vocabulary is steadily growing too as is mine! Just the other day during her toddler class she impressed me so much! They take the kids out one at a time and do a "focus" time which is similar to speech and lasts about 15 minutes. We were reading a book with Keira that had flaps and there was a frog and our specialist was telling her "Jump, jump, jump" & Keira picked up the book and said "Jump, jump, jump!" I was so excited she said it so clearly! Then to impress me some more on the next page without any prompting she said "Puppy" when she lifted the flap and saw a puppy! We also had a visit from Adam's Dad this month and she said "Pap, pap" while signing it for him! We were so proud of her! We still have some tweaking to do with her mappings but overall she is doing so well! Here are some video's of her from the past few months...
Peyton has been doing very well in school and has learned so much this year! She's now on to reading- and getting quite good at it I must say! We had an eventful month with a visit from Pap Pap, Auntie Elizabeth is coming to visit this week too! I plan on updating the blog with some Arizona adventures soon! :)

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