Saturday, October 10, 2015

Third times a charm!

So we've been having a rough time the past few weeks with our insurance and our doctors billing department. They started to deny more than one appointment for our mapping sessions so Keira missed her mapping session last week. We pressured the audiologist into bumping her up significantly since she was behind & we were not noticing responses with the implant. We were actually getting a little discouraged because it seemed like she responded so much better with her aids and still does in the left when her aid is on. She took her up 170 clinical units this appointment and put her in the sound booth! We got continual and clear responses at 60dB!!! We are still being conservative from here though because they want to make sure it's not too much too soon for Keira but we were all pretty excited! We've noticed an increase in awareness with the implant at home too! Here she is in the booth below!

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