Monday, June 15, 2015


Wow. So it's been a LONG time since I've updated the blog. Lots has happened for sure... Keira is now 2, Peyton 5. Probably the biggest things to happen since my last update is we've made the decision to go ahead and implant Keira's right side with a cochlear implant. We feel she's hit a wall with her speech and there really isn't much progression. Her signing has really been taking off but again her speech is back where it was in October. We should actually be scheduling her surgery here soon. We've had to jump through hoops with Tricare. Apparently they were unaware Keira had hearing loss (Really? What were you paying for hearing aid molds for and audiology appointments at the children's hospital for) and we had to submit all her medical documents, obtain supporting documentation from our state coordinator AND a consumer specialist from Advanced Bionics (The implant company we have chosen). It was a little insane considering this has been a long thought out process. Most children that are diagnosed at birth are aided by about 4 months and implanted shortly after 1 year so it's not like we hastily made this decision. There are a lot of reasons why we came to this decision... We are still going to continue with our signing classes and utilizing ASL. Keira is at a higher risk of the implant not "working" since her hearing loss is from underdeveloped auditory nerves (hypoplasia of the auditory nerves). After time with the aids, research, attending events and speaking with professionals and other families we are comfortable and at peace with this decision.
Keira at her 2nd birthday.
Peyton at her 5th birthday.


  1. Lots of love to Kiera on her second birthday, enjoy each day and hope for the best with the surgery.

    1. Thank you Mary, lots of love to you guys too! Wish we could of spent more time with y'all in Florida!


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