Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So we've been pretty busy lately. Keira is responding really well with the aids and she's got a lot more signs now! :) She's also added "bad, bad" to her vocabulary! :) Whenever she takes her aids out I say "Bad, bad!" and now she's started saying it when she takes them out! Hopefully more and more words will come! She's also been progressing well with imitating signs in speech. The audiologist did some adjustments and she's tolerating the aids much better now, wearing them most the day!
We recently went to The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, & California! We had a great time. My girlfriend from Florida came and we did The Grand Canyon, Antelope and we actually did Sedona too. Then just last month my cousin got married and we were able to get to California and be there for that. We also took the girls to Disneyland which was pretty exciting for Peyton. Keira enjoyed the rides but she wasn't quite as excited as Peyton ;)

She was so excited to be at the beach! She misses the beaches on Okinawa terribly!

Heisler park Laguna Beach, Ca

A view in the hills in Beverly Hills.

Mulholland Dr scenic overlook.

My friend Crystal at The Grand Canyon. It was rainy and foggy when we first arrived.

We literally watched the fog roll in.

Desert Watchtower

Then the fog started to clear out just like that!

Cameron Trading Post

Navajo bridge at Cameron Trading Post

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