Monday, July 28, 2014


So... a blog post is a little overdue! I could of sworn I'd updated the blog since APRIL! Apparently I was wrong though. Things have been good with us... ahhh where to even begin... Keira now has hearing aids. We got them in April... she had a repeat ABR (here it's called a BEAR) and they also performed a CT & MRI on her at the Children's hospital here. Those were performed back in May. She also underwent an ultrasound of her heart just to make sure everything is good there. I guess with hearing loss there is the possibility of heart conditions. We were very grateful everything came back ok. However her CT & MRI did not come back typical. It looks like she has very thin auditory nerves which account for her hearing loss. Which also means she is NOT a good candidate for a cochlear implant. We've made lots of changes since first arriving and recently have started seeing a new doctor that we are much more on the same page with. For right now the plan is to spend some more time with her hearing aids and get some more audiograms to see where we are at with her hearing loss. Her BEAR came back just like the one in Hawaii with ANSD so we can't get a good indication from that what her hearing loss is. Her first booth testing with the aids she did well and we definitely feel she is responding well with the aids on. It is still a constant battle to keep them on her for long periods though. She was doing great with them keeping them on most of the day and then we had a bout with an ear infection and the whole process of getting her used to them started over again.

My Mom came for a visit in June and was able to attend Keira's first birthday! Then just this past week my father in law came in for a visit and we were able to get up to Sedona for a day so I'll have to blog some of those photo's once I go through them all.We're planning a trip to the Grand Canyon when my girlfriend from Florida comes for a visit in a few weeks too!
Keira's 11 month photo.

Keira's 10 month photo in her summer kimono from Okinawa :)
4th of July

Me drawing Peyton with sparklers.

Keira's name in sparklers.

This is back from Easter :)

Easter with the neighborhood kiddos :)

This is a shot of Keira's first hearing aid mold they were pink and sparkly and she outgrew them in about 3 weeks.

Keira's one year shot.

1 year and 4 years :)

She was in a mood and refuse to wear her aids.

My Mom with the girls.

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