Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello, Arizona!

We made it to our destination! We're living in Arizona now. So far things are good, we decided to buy a house (we felt it was time again) and we are really liking our new area. The people seem friendly, and we love our new neighborhood and neighbors.
Keira is finally getting the care she needs. We actually go in for hearing aids tomorrow! It was a bit of a blow but the audiologist here feels Keira is sever to profoundly deaf. She is also thinking she doesn't have auditory neuropathy after all but a more typical hearing loss. We should be going in for a repeat ABR test at the Children's hospital here soon. If the hearing aids prove to be no benefit we've started researching Cochlear implants. At first it was upsetting but things are starting to settle down and we're getting into a routine and we're feeling much better about what the future holds in store for us.

Lake Pleasant

Giant Cactus!

Lake Pleasant again

Peyton's birthday in TLF (we took her to ChuckeCheese)

She loves having a backyard- with flowers to boot!

Hummingbird in our backyard

Nest in one of the trees

View from our hotel in Okinawa... we will miss it for sure.

During our last days in Okinawa.

View from the tub at the hotel in Okinawa.

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