Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cherubims (Kitten's room)

So this week we had the pleasure of heading down to a cat cafe here on Okinawa! Peyton LOVED it! We're actually planning to head back over to it this weekend just Peyton and I! She fell in love with a little white kitten there. They're all rescue cats and they're all available for adoption from my understanding. You walk in and they've got the cafe area where there are a few cats in cages and some tables. It's ¥500 to enter and spend an hour. This includes one drink. They also have a few small things you can order to eat and snack on. Next to the cafe there is a room where the cats roam freely. You can sit and enjoy the time with the cats. They've also got snacks you can buy to feed the kitties for ¥200. For those thinking about visiting Peyton is only 3 and all the cats were very sweet to her and we had no problems so I'd say kids are very welcome! :) To get there head south on 58, turn left at the stoplight after Jimmy's bakery and the cafe is on your left once you head up the hill. If you pass Morikawa spring park you've gone to far.

Peyton was in love with this little kitten!

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  1. hey why don't you and Adam open one of these in the usa--mm--


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