Friday, August 30, 2013


Well we are finally settling into a routine now that Keira is two months. Things were a little crazy and hectic around the house there for a while! Peyton is starting to get more attention and she's loving that Keira can smile and make noises at her now. :) We haven't been doing much lately since the heat has been so bad. Our temps have only been 85-90° but the feels like has been 110°+! We were supposed to get a couple typhoons but they both ended up turning away from the island.
In other news... for my birthday Adam got me a sewing machine and I am so excited to learn! I think my first project will be an apron for Peyton. She loves to steal mine in the kitchen so I'm going to make her own! I'm sure it'll take me forever to make it but once I'm finished I'll post it onto the blog!
Here is a recent shot of Keira...

Forgot to share this one of Peyton and Keira.

Sunset a few weeks back.

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