Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So everyone back in the states has been asking about my belly lately... so here are a couple pics of it thrown in the mix! Peyton is starting to get really excited, she is constantly talking about her baby sister!
A while back Adam purchased me a die cut machine. I'm finally proud enough to post some of the cards I've been making. I've been at it a while but I've always felt like the cards were... I don't know how to put it... not good! LOL I recently changed my software I was using to Make the Cut( and it's a LOT more user friendly in my opinion. I'm learning to not over think the cards too. In the past I think I was putting so much embellishments on them they looked gaudy instead of nice(to me at least!).
I got the cat silhouette over at the Make the cut forum-

This one could be better but not too bad!

I'm very proud of this one! I think it turned out great!

I decided to get her some rain boots after this!
Side note: It looks like Peyton is freezing in this pic- that jacket was just given to her and she refuse to take it off!
Oh and did she ever enjoy them!

The last few days it's been back up into the 70's and beautiful!

Taking the trike down some hills!

Teppanyaki! She was very impressed by the flames!

Decorating her zoo with ducks and Cinderella!

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