Sunday, November 18, 2012

Morikawa spring

Today Peyton and I took a little trip to Morinokawa/Morikawa(not sure on spelling) spring. I found out about the spring during a ghost tour I'd taken the base put on. I was interested in what the park looked like during the day since I visited during the night. I looked it up online and found out there is a legend that goes along with the spring in the park.
For anyone interested in going the easy way is go south on 58, once you pass the Restaurant Peacock turn left at the next intersection(Mashiki North- it's one of the few with a street sign). This road goes up a hill and curves right the park will be on your left.

Some of the other photos are a little shoot for Daddy Peyton and I did at the airplane park on Kadena.
Enjoying her little vanity our neighbor gave her!


On the ghost tour this was said to be a spirit wall.

Giant slide! Peyton was only brave enough to go down once!

Beautiful views from the park.


Silly girl.

Riding her bike up the ramp to the seawall!

Peyton and her friend Jade who just PCS-ed. :(

We miss you more than you know Daddy!

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