Monday, September 10, 2012

Imagination movers, Orion beer fest & Gymnastics!

So I completely forgot to blog about the imagination movers show! Peyton had a blast! It took her a little bit to get warmed up but by the end she was dancing and movin' all around!
This weekend was the Orion beer fest and the Eisa festival! It was great and at the end they had a big laser light show and fireworks, Peyton had the best time! During the laser show she kept saying "Oh my, I don't believe it!" she was so excited.
Lastly we had our first day of gymnastics today! We were so proud of Peyton! She was really enthusiastic and was ALL over the place, we already can't wait until next week! My only complaint was she refuse to wear her leotard. :/ Hopefully she will come around next week.
Here are some photos...
Putting a lunch together.

More Eisa dancing...

Love these guys!

Peyton having a blast being wild!

Busy Busy!

Peyton won a cool drum as a prize during a game.

LOVING the fireworks!

Cool glow wand Daddy got her!

Big slide!

Imagination movers!

Having fun during the imagination movers show!

Reading at the library.

Feeding the birds at the park.

Running at the birds at the park, lol.

Gymnastics class!

Bear crawling!

Doing a flip with the teacher!

Here is a video of Peyton at gymnastics-

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