Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Artist to be...

So I finally uploaded Peyton's camera pictures to the computer. Of course there were a million photos of Tabby. On Monday morning we woke up to him howling in pain because he got another blood clot. We sure will miss him. :(

Peyton's favorite subject :(

I thought the dollhouse photos were pretty amusing.

Apparently ballerina Barbie likes watermelon!

Barbie and her littlest pet shop friends enjoying some fruit! LOL

One we took together

Showing off her new light up Tinkerbell shoes.

Love my new fabric backdrop

Found some plumeria flowers on the ground.

Dragon fruit

So proud of her! She did a great job tracing the lowercase D!

Kumon coloring

A bow I made her

Farmers market

This one was white, still yummy.

There is a body shop on Okinawa! It's in the Naha Aeon!

New running shirt that I love!

Naha/Haebaru Aeon

This is how I found her when I went to get her out of the car seat!

Driving to the park

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Farmers Market

So today we ventured out in the tropical storm and went to the farmers market off 330. I picked up my first dragon fruit, which was great! It tasted like a large, sweet kiwi.
They had some great prices and we will definitely be hitting it up again.
Here are some pics of out pickings...

A whole box of potatoes was ¥1000- on base a small bag is $10

Our pickings

First dragon fruit- it was yummy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stormy weather

Tomorrow we're supposed to get hit by tropical storm Haikui. Seems like we've been having a lot of storms lately, the other night was storming and we sat on the seawall and watched the surfers. Peyton loved it!
In other big news Peyton got her very own camera! Soon I'll have to upload what she's been taking to the blog!
Cuddling with Tabby

A Hello Kitty piggy bank we found at the ¥100 store

Peyton's very own camera!

Showing off a headband I made

Watching surfers with Daddy

Sunset on the sea wall

Rock star in the making!

Singing to Tabby!

Kadena Marina

Kadena Marina

Enjoying the water!


Relaxing at the park... taking after Granddad in the footwear department!

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