Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tee house

After being on island for almost two years we finally just got around to trying the Tee house on base. It's the dining facility overlooking the golf course. I was surprised- I'm not usually a big fan of the food options on base but it was decent food and fantastic views!

We went to a firework festival up in Nago, this was our view.

Walking around in Momma's boots!

Ruler of the roost in action!

Cooking with wings...

Ready to hit the library!

Enjoying a cold treat on a hot day- yes that is sweat in her hair!

First visit to the Tee house she had to try all the condiments

View from the Tee house

Golf course and water...

Little garden at the golf course
Finally got around to making a pretty little watermark/logo for myself!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Peyton is really mastering her ABC's! She started to recognize almost all the lower case letters too! Here are a couple videos from today where she's showing off her smarts!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christmas in July!

So Peyton had a little Christmas in July! She got a grand dollhouse today and her first Barbies! She was very excited! ;)

Tabby decided he liked the doll house too!

Slowly over-taking the living room, lol

Who knew Littlest Pet Shop & American Girl dolls had tea together?!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hope everyone had a happy fourth of July in the states! We went down to the celebration down on the base on the third and had a good time with friends. 
It has been hot as can be here so we haven't been doing much unless it's going to the beach. So yesterday we decided to go down to the Ashibinaa outlet mall down in Naha. It was nice, a lot of American brands... very overpriced. The only place we found any good deals was the Gap outlet. It was definitely for big spenders... Armani, Coach, Gucci... you get my point!

Peyton & Daddy have been building masters with Legos.

First time with sparklers!

Finally started driving her Mustang!

Throwing ball to a neighbors dog at the park

New section of the seawall
She was a total grouch before fireworks!

Going to see fireworks!

Successfully made a Kanzashi flower!

Adam had to deal with work while we were at the south tip of the island so while he dealt with phone calls I had him pull into a park.

I'm sure it's even more gorgeous during high tide


It's so hot they've got to have a mist area at the mall!

Finally saw the monorail go by!

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