Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So I've been addicted to getting Peyton those little boutique bows. I just love them, they're SO cute! When I first started picking them up I recall them being pretty inexpensive- a buck or two here and there. Since they've become more popular though they've gotten quite expensive... I'm talking $5 for one clip!
I decided I'd try to make some on my own. I got some ribbon at the craft store for 60¢ a spool, I already had a glue gun so I just had to find the alligator clips. Those would prove to be the most expensive. I know in the states you can get them really cheap at beauty supply stores, I was able to find some at the yen($1) store... they're weren't as cheap though. I got a 4 pack for ¥105 after conversion that's about $1.33.
Anyway there are some pictures of the few I've made so far, like I said I've only got 4 clips to work with, LOL. I have a friend visiting the states that is supposed to pick me up a box of clips.
Ready to go to the park!

I had get this clip when I saw it from a boutique on base it was too adorable!

Enjoying some chalk, lol

I didn't make this headband I picked it up from a boutique selling at the BX
I didn't make this bow either, from what I've read online they're easy to make I just don't have any dowel rods to curl the ribbon.

Love this graffiti down at the seawall

Typhoon lego tower!

The first two bows I made
I made this calla lily bow sculpture!

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