Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer reading under way!!

Peyton is enrolled in her first summer reading program! For each 3 hours we read she earns a little prize!
Pink toes for summer!

Some of the clips I've made so far-

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer days...

So summer is definitely here! It is hot and humid as can be!
Here are some pictures as of late...

She's a pro at the big girl swing now!


Playing Daddy's guitar

A very rare treat- getting to see Daddy for lunch!

Run fast!

Tired from all that running!

Ready for a bike ride!
Comprehensive Park

low tide

Hot hot hot!

Ready for the beach!

Hermit crab!

Chillin' out after the beach

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So I've been addicted to getting Peyton those little boutique bows. I just love them, they're SO cute! When I first started picking them up I recall them being pretty inexpensive- a buck or two here and there. Since they've become more popular though they've gotten quite expensive... I'm talking $5 for one clip!
I decided I'd try to make some on my own. I got some ribbon at the craft store for 60¢ a spool, I already had a glue gun so I just had to find the alligator clips. Those would prove to be the most expensive. I know in the states you can get them really cheap at beauty supply stores, I was able to find some at the yen($1) store... they're weren't as cheap though. I got a 4 pack for ¥105 after conversion that's about $1.33.
Anyway there are some pictures of the few I've made so far, like I said I've only got 4 clips to work with, LOL. I have a friend visiting the states that is supposed to pick me up a box of clips.
Ready to go to the park!

I had get this clip when I saw it from a boutique on base it was too adorable!

Enjoying some chalk, lol

I didn't make this headband I picked it up from a boutique selling at the BX
I didn't make this bow either, from what I've read online they're easy to make I just don't have any dowel rods to curl the ribbon.

Love this graffiti down at the seawall

Typhoon lego tower!

The first two bows I made
I made this calla lily bow sculpture!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So Saturday evening we went down to Comprehensive park to check it out and see what it was all about. The park has a WHOLE lot to offer! There are TONS of stuff, we only saw about a 1/4 of the park. Peyton got to play her little heart out!
As for Tabby, he's still on 6 pills a day. He seems to be getting some of his spunk back...we've got another appointment on Saturday for an ultrasound to check his heart.
I went bow crazy and got Peyton this headband. I have other pics I will post later.

Playing hard!

Loving on Tabby.

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