Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photo's from Pap-Pap's visit!

Finally I've gotten around to blogging the photo's from Jim's(Pap-Pap) visit! Whew. Took me a while to go through them and figure out what I wanted to share! We were able to hit up Shurijo Castle site, Okinawa World, Bios on the hill, Churaumi Aquarium and Toguchi beach.
Some other big news in our house we decided to get a cat! There are some pics of Mr. Tabby along in with Pap-Pap's visit. He's adjusted REALLY well and Peyton just loves him!
Peyton was scared to death of this mask!


One of my fav pics of Peyton and I!

This giant snail was on the driveway one morning.

Enjoying all the fish.

Accessorizing Pap-Pap

Toguchi Beach

Enjoying breakfast with Tabby.

Tabby's favorite spot in the house.

Poor cat, I'm amazed at what he lets her get away with!

He was licking her prior to this.
Shurijo Castle Park

Walking the grounds at Shurijo

With all the orchids at Bios on the hill

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