Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pap-Pap has arrived!

Wednesday evening Pap-Pap(Adam's Dad) came in for a visit! I figured I'd offload some pics from his arrival and earlier in the week since we probably won't be home much. Lots to do! Can't wait to post pics from our adventures!

Posting stickers all over sleeping Daddy


This doggy came and visited us at the park

Goodie package from Oma and Auntie Crystal came on the same day!
Applying chap-stick all over her face!

Helping Daddy out

Enjoying the aquarium at the airport

Telling the baby that Pap-Pap was coming


A surprise!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bios on the hill

So yesterday we took a day trip to Bios on the hill. It was really fun! Peyton absolutely LOVED her very first boat ride! If we ever make it back to Florida Grandad can take her down the Rainbow on his boat! ;)
Missing Daddy.

When you step off the elevator there were tons of giant orchids hanging off the trees.

Looking at the orchids.
Zane and Peyton checking out the boat!

They had orchid arrangements in the woods bordering the river.

A water buffalo!

Feeding the goat.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

We hope everyone had a very blessed and happy Easter! Peyton got to go egg hunting on Saturday and we went to a USO sponsored hunt on Easter Sunday but didn't stay long. Peyton got hurt in the bounce house and we decided to go home. She had a great time on Saturday at the egg hunt put on by the spouses group though!
Happy Easter!
Officially transitioned out of the high chair!

Bounce house on Saturday

Going down the slide

Egg hunting!

There's one!

The Easter bunny!

She was unsure about getting a picture with him

An egg!

Munching on her chocolate bunny Easter morning.

At the USO event

Before getting a boo boo from one of the other kids

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reading time!

So this week we went to the Kadena library story hour. It was great! Since it was the first time we'd attended Peyton was a little unsure and stayed in my lap most of the time. They read a few books, sang some songs and we got to make a bunny cup. I think we will be making it a regular thing.
Here are some pics...
Being a goofball

Bringing all her toys out to the balcony

Loving her tag junior from Jen & Jon!

Bunny cup!

After the bunny cup was made all the kids got a little treat

Peyton's bunny cup!

This is from a while back she hopped on this while we were walking the neighborhood.

Loving some of Daddy's fish

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