Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg Shop/Petting Zoo

So yesterday we went to an egg shop that offers a petting zoo out gate 3, Kadena.
We had fun, Peyton really had a blast and best of all it was free! Here are some shots of that and other randomness at the park.
Anyone wanting directions here is a post on Okinawa Hai about the egg shop:


Enjoying the sunset on our balcony

At the egg shop

Loving the animals

She was apprehensive about the pony!

Monday, March 19, 2012


So for the past week Peyton and I were battling a cold. Seems like it's finally almost out of both our systems! Yay!
We did have a giant thing happen this week... Peyton got a big girl bed! She loves it! We got some Tinkerbell sheets and just let her pick out some Pooh sheets today too! Even more exciting is it's a trundle bed so those of you thinking about visiting have a real mattress to sleep on if you come! ;)
The weather has been really nice the past few days too so hopefully this week we will be able to hit up some parks!
Dressing up and pretending to be Tinkerbell!


Birthday present from Jen, Jon & little Zachary!
Examining her tag junior!

Thank you Jen, Jon & Zachary!!
We got some new patio chairs last weekend!

Trying to take a picture with my cell phone
The beautiful new plant Christine got me! Thanks Christine!!

Peyton's big big girl bed!
Running around the house refusing to wear clothes minus this tutu from Andrea!

Reading in her new bed!
Sunset the other evening

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Birthday Photos!

Here are a few pictures from Peyton's actual birthday! Still hard to believe Peyton is 2!
Playing with her Kindermusik stuff

Peyton and Jade having fun

Okinawa Soba! Yummmmmmy!

With her little purse Daddy brought back from Guam
Playing with her rings

Enjoying one of her birthday gifts

Vroom Vroom!

Opening a few presents on her actual birthday
Present from Oma

Thank you Oma...

Giving her new Simba a kiss!

Peyton and her baby in matching PJ's!

A rare occasion- a nap!

Going out to birthday dinner!
Got the Dora ball she picked out- she had to show everyone at the BX!

Roll named after me!

All decked out for birthday dinner! 

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