Sunday, February 12, 2012


So I found some caves in our neighborhood... I'm not sure what they're about. If anyone could help me out feel free to comment! I'm very interested in what they're all about...

Update: Someone was kind enough to tell me more about these!
The top one: The small kanji on the right designates that this is a place of prayer, the katakana down the middle is Okinawan language, it says Ubuga, which is the name of an old well.
The bottom one with the building behind it:  again it's a place of prayer but this one says Kumaya-gama, which is a cave where people took refuge during WWII
Thanks so much to Maurice in the Photokinawa group for helping me figure out what these are about! 


  1. I also live in the area and stumbled across the cave and did some searching. I read that all who took refuge In the cave survived and it's considered a very spiritual place. They also found artifacts and bones Inside dating more than 2000 years old.

    1. Interesting... it looks like at one time they did tours through the cave there are cement steps and hand railings- but now it's all locked up. I'd love to know more about it!


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