Monday, January 23, 2012


So the past few weeks every time we go to the exchange Peyton has been playing with the Rumbly Tummy Pooh bear. We decided to get it for her yesterday... it was supposed to be for her birthday but Daddy couldn't resist and wanted to give it to her now! She sure does love this thing too! Her first words this morning were "Pooh-Pooh bear!" She just loves him! It's a little mechanical Pooh and he dances around and sings the song from the Pooh movie. When you put the honey pot to his nose his little nose wiggles around and his ears move! 

This is HORRIBLE quality but Peyton's face was SO cute!

Playing with the lip gloss Auntie Crystal gave her!

Feeding Pooh his honey!

Trying to hug pooh- kind of hard since he's mechanical!

Telling Daddy all about Pooh

Making Daddy eat Pooh's honey pot!

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