Friday, January 27, 2012

Jeans baby!

So lately I've been in love with Peyton wearing jeans! I got a super good deal on some second hand Levis and Old Navy jeans for her and they are SO cute! She's still in love with her Pooh bear!

Telling me she wants to be in her play room

Hiding Pooh from me because I turned him on, lol

Telling me something about Pooh

On her floor puzzle

Monday, January 23, 2012


So the past few weeks every time we go to the exchange Peyton has been playing with the Rumbly Tummy Pooh bear. We decided to get it for her yesterday... it was supposed to be for her birthday but Daddy couldn't resist and wanted to give it to her now! She sure does love this thing too! Her first words this morning were "Pooh-Pooh bear!" She just loves him! It's a little mechanical Pooh and he dances around and sings the song from the Pooh movie. When you put the honey pot to his nose his little nose wiggles around and his ears move! 

This is HORRIBLE quality but Peyton's face was SO cute!

Playing with the lip gloss Auntie Crystal gave her!

Feeding Pooh his honey!

Trying to hug pooh- kind of hard since he's mechanical!

Telling Daddy all about Pooh

Making Daddy eat Pooh's honey pot!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday hoppin'

This Saturday and next Saturday we've got two birthdays to attend on the same day! As always Peyton loves to attend birthday bashes though! I grabbed a couple photo's offline from her friend McKenzie's party yesterday. The other shots are some more newborn work I did, same baby different day! :D
Trying to run off with McKenzie's Elmo purse!

Playing pin the tail on Eeyore!

Peyton got Kenzie a Barbie!

Andrea's little frog prince ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Camera phone offload

So I have a few more pics to share from the ole camera phone! One shot is from yesterday when we had our park catastrophe! I couldn't believe it, there was a mud puddle at the bottom of the slide and Peyton went down fine then decided to go down again and landed smack dab in the middle of it!

Relaxing with her baby doll watching Daddy play with his R/C car

Having a cup of coffee with Daddy on the balcony

Being goofy on the stairs!

Making Momma peddle her around the horse ride at the park

Making funny faces at herself!

The disaster at the park!!

Playing with her velcro wings from her other PJ's

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Dagen

So my friend Andrea finally had her sweet baby boy! I got to take these shots of him at just 5 days old! And boy was Miss Peyton jealous! By the end of the shoot she wanted nothing to do with any baby!
We've actually been taking quite a few pics lately... I think I'm on the path to finally starting my own photography business. I'm not sure I'm quite ready yet though!

Peyton was showing one of our friends little girls how to pose in front of the backdrop!
Sweet baby Dagen

This is my favorite!

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