Thursday, December 8, 2011


So lately Peyton's been good about keeping me on my toes and on the weekends we've been busy running around too. Haven't updated the blog in a while. Last weekend we took a trip to the zoo and then went down to tinsel town at the base too. Here are some photos from that...
We've also been making some homemade Christmas ornaments... here are the links for those-
Sitting in the giant chair at the wonder museum at the zoo

Playing with bubbles

There was a dog at tinsel town and she's got to pet about every dog we run into!

Screamin' at some ducks

Elmo had to make ornaments with us!

Sweet little Peytie!

Being a goof after making ornaments

Giving her baby kisses

Sitting in the little chair at the wonder museum

Peyton hands!

She pointed to all the animals

Being a big girl sitting on her potty!

A pregnancy silhouette I did

In awe at the wonder museum!


This was the scene at the zoo at most of the exhibits!  

Peyton's hand print ornament!

Our little cinnamon ornaments!

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