Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting there...

So the house is finally getting there... almost every room is done. Our room is still a mess but we're getting there!

We can actually eat at the dining room table! Have it fully expanded too!

The kitchen fits all our appliances!

Horrible pic but Peyton is balancing a play bowl on her head!

Where's Peyton?
There she is!

Massage/Studio room

Better clearer pic of Peyton's room- I had to cover the one window cause the neighbors window is VERY bright at night! 

Peyton's play room/our storage room. I still haven't finished moving toys up as you can see by living room pics!

Peyton stealing my Shakeology

My little Van Gogh

View from the play room balcony 

View at the other end of the street

View of the whole living dining area

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