Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fukushen Gardens

We checked out a beautiful garden in Naha the other day. We were meaning to take family pictures but it was SO darn hot it didn't quite work out that way! Peyton slept the first half of the garden away! It was pretty much just how I imagined a Japanese garden to be.
For those of you reading this in Okinawa who would like to visit you take 58 south down to Naha and once your in downtown take a right onto route 42, follow that for a little and you'll see the garden on your left right past the gardens is a parking lot. The woman at the front desk asked us if we were American and didn't ask for any mulah so it was free! ;)

I wanted a pic of the monorail thing in Naha!

The other day Peyton was all into trying on these hats I have for photo props!

Peyton the first half of the gardens!

Looking over the railing at the big waterfall! 

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