Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toys R Us

Daddy and Peyton were ill the past couple days... some sort of stomach bug. Yesterday they were feeling a bit better so we went to the Toys R Us in Awase, it was pretty neat. Peyton ended up getting a bouncy ball that bounces REALLY high and a shopping cart full of stuff to go with her kitchen! ;) She spent all day yesterday driving the cart through the living room and putting stuff in and out of it!

Drawing with her new window crayons.

I love taco rice!

Her new toy sushi and sashimi!

Lately she's been putting goldfish in the old measuring cups I gave her for her kitchen then getting a spoon and eating them that way!

Yummy! Home-made taco rice(an Okinawan specialty)!!

Some of her new goodies for her kitchen!

What a multitasker! Driving her cart and talking on her fake cell phone!

Watching Elmo's World on the ipad

Driving her new cart around!

The new cart!

What a bucket head! ;)

Adam's home brew! He's aerating it here! 

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