Friday, May 27, 2011


Typhoon Songda is scheduled to hit us tomorrow night. So if you can't get a hold of us it's most likely because our power has gone out...
Not much new going on lately... I was pretty stoked today because Adam treated me to a new purse! I'm a purse-aholic and this is my first purse purchase in almost 3 years- and the diaper bag I had to tote for a year didn't count! It's a fresh spring feeling Etienne Aigner, now Peyton's diapers get to ride in style!
Peyton liked the new purse too!

Notice the fish in mid-air right by the © symbol! I guess these are some sort of fish that breath out of water for a while.

These crabs get HUGE!

New purse!!

Queen of the recliner!

Listen hear Momma...

This is my old crayon case from when I was a kid... Had Granddad ship it to Japan for Miss Peyton!

Waaa hoooo!


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