Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Warning...

I'm sure everyone is hearing about the huge earthquake in mainland Japan... everything is OK on Okinawa. I'm sure mainland needs some prayers though... 
Here on Okinawa we were/are under a tsunami warning....
Here is a link everyone can check out from Kadena...


  1. hi,
    hope you are alright.
    my little brother is in okinawa, I have tried to call him but his phone is off, but i guess the network is down in japan. do u know who i need to contact in order to get hold of him? please contact me if you have any more information regarding this. my email:

    best regards,

  2. I just contacted my in laws in Okinawa, and everything is okay. They said they did not feel the quake. They are waiting for the water to crest in the next few hours, but it sounds like there is minor flooding in low lying areas, but in higher ground nothing at all. Also, communication is going in and out. We tried 4 times to call them and finally got through on the 4th try, after the third try going dead after 3 rings.


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