Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still OK in Oki...

So everyone has continuously asked if we are OK from radiation. The base and the government here has assured us they are testing the radiation all around the island and we are fine. They have even sent pregnant women from the mainland here to have their babies on Okinawa... they're calling it "Operation Motherload"!
Anyway... today was absolutely beautiful! Peyton and I went on several walks today and on the second one I brought along the camera... the flower photos are from that walk.
Love to all...
Can't wait until your home Dada! :)
Being a goofball :)

Eating one of Dada's favorite things- pasta!

I thought she was hungry... turns out she was tired!

You can kind of see her two bottom teeth there... they're only about a centimeter past the gums so far! 

This tree is beautiful. Not sure what it is... the flowers look like orchids.

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