Friday, February 4, 2011

Cherry blossoms...

So yesterday I followed one of my friends to Nago, which is on the north end of the island. We were hoping to get some pics of the cherry blossoms & maybe go to a cherry blossom festival. Of course when we left Kadena it was bright and beautiful... by the time we made it to Nago it was dreary, damp & gloomy. Of course we didn't want to walk around in this so I just got a few shots of the cherry blossoms that lined the road. I will admit driving in the rain on the expressway was scary without you babe! ;)
We love & miss you Dada!
Yeah!! She loves this thing!
Peyton & her ball popper that I finally got batteries for!

I thought this phone booth was cool. Hard to get a pic of it though since I only brought the 100mm lens since I thought I'd be doing a lot of macro.

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