Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday fun...

So Mr. Gavin & Mr. Gage, the Fabregas twins had their 4th birthday party yesterday. We went to a Chuck E Cheese type place in Naha for the birthday fun. Miss Peyton had a good old time and even decided to walk for everybody!
On another note, today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day! It was about 72 no wind at all sun shinning! I wish Dada would of been here to enjoy it! Peyton & I walked the whole seawall and got to walk on the part that is usually covered by water. We love & miss you Dada.
Hudson trying to get Peyton! 

Enjoying her ball!

Patiently waiting for food!

Worried on the slide- she's never sure of Zane's Dada Mike!


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