Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tinsel Town!

So Saturday we headed out to the base and went to Tinsel Town! We got to enjoy some good BBQ and frozen hot chocolate! Here are some pics from the event...

This is the funnel cake line!!

Funniest expression ever! Momma was being goofy so Peyton was being goofy back!

Stroller ride!

This is Miss Peyton being fussy because Momma was taking photos and not helping her walk! ;)

Standing and watching Gigglebellies!

Tearing stuff up! Notice Mommas old magazine next to her! She loves to rip up magazines!


  1. We were so at Tinsel Town too! How weird is that?!?!

  2. I love the bathrobe pic!They all like totear up magazines!We throw tons away at the office because parents give them magazines instead of kid books!Love the goofy face pic also!! LMAO She is so adorable and animated! What is the weather there like right now? Pretty darn cold here! Brett get's to call us on Sun.12-12-10! I am so excited!We go pick him up on Thurs!


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