Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So we got our Japanese driver licenses today! I'm still a little afraid to drive, I think I'll have to practice in some empty parking lots on base first! :) Still have a ton of briefings to go to... Friday is a housing briefing and that's when we will find out how soon we can get a house or if we will have to live off base. Should be getting a vehicle tonight.
Our TLF room has a big girl high chair for Peyton and she LOVES it!
Hopefully we will have time to explore a beach or two this weekend and photo's will follow...
It is VERY humid in the mornings here- a whole lot muggier than Florida!! Adam had to walk a 1/4 mile in uniform the other day and informed me "I thought I felt humidity before!" - I'll have to admit he's right though! Once you get past about 1 it does get nicer, so far everyday the afternoons have been breezy and nice.
Once we found out we had internet here we hooked up our Vonage but there must be a security setting or something in the TLF lines because we haven't been able to get it to work. :( Hopefully soon we can get some phone calls out soon via friends Vonage lines...


  1. Very nice update, you have blogging down to an art. Just wait till you find the cool colors and other templates.
    love you lots,
    Mary M

  2. Great update! Petyon is getting so big! Give her a big kiss from me

  3. You should see her now! The other day I was eating some ice cream and she had a breakdown because I wouldn't feed her the spoon!


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