Saturday, September 11, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know who was wondering Okinawa is considered Japan, however it is also the largest island in the Ryukyu island chain, I guess it could be compared to Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory but not really the U.S. :)


  1. Well you will be glad to know we found the island you are on. There was a world map at the UHAUL store, Elizabeth, Debbie and I were at when we moved Elizabeth. Another customer helped us locate it, it took awhile to find it and we did not even have to Google it! OKINAWA seems like a small island in the south of Japan almost directly west of Florida. Enjoy it Nicole Adam and Peyton. love you lots, Mary and Gary

  2. LOL glad y'all found it! Now you'll have to visit! :) The people here are considered Japanese but they call themselves Okinawan's and from what I've noticed the mainland Japanese also call them Okinawan's! You would like it, the people are very laid back and nice. Great food too!!


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