Friday, August 27, 2010

Only 5 days left in the United States!!

Decided to start this blog on the advice of Mrs. Merenda- excellent idea Mary! Not sure how great I'll be at blogging or keeping it up to date but I'm going to try! Here it goes...
Wow, in just 5 short days we will no longer be living in this country! Crazy! It still feels so surreal! We went down to the travel office yesterday and got our plane tickets so I guess it is definitely real now! 
Our little Goonie is going to be 6 months old on the 6th- where the heck has the time gone? She's such a little ball of energy! She's sitting up now and sqeakin' up a storm all the time- Granddad just left from his visit with us and is convinced she's gonna be a singer, lol! She's definitely found her little voice for sure! :) She makes me :) all the time! She still hates tummy time, all she does now is goes straight from tummy to back so I'm convinced she'll just up and walk and skip crawling!
Here are some more photo's for everyone to enjoy!!


  1. Nice, love the idea of a blog for the Rogers Family --mm--

  2. Great pictures... she is so cute and growing so fast. Good luck getting to Japan this week. We will be in Reno and check back in on the blog on Sunday.


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