Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Girl! :)

Here are a couple more fun pics we took :)

Boise Fun

We drove up to Boise yesterday and visited our favorite spots for the last time! :( We went to Fujiyama- our favorite Sushi restaurant! Yeah, yeah I know it's not like we won't be able to get sushi anymore! They've got the BEST sushi though!! We got a tuna roll, bronco roll and red snapper combo to split and it was SO good!! If anyone in Idaho is reading this and you wanna check it out if you go you've GOT to order the bronco roll- it's not on the menu but you can still order it- you will NOT be disappointed! It's THE best! It consists of shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, and asparagus then they flash fry it so it's got this crunchy tempura outer and then they drizzle eel sauce and spicy mayo on it- YUM!!! SO GOOD!!! We also visited Kid to Kid and Peyton got some more Baby Einstein DVD's, baby leg warmers and some more clips for her head bands and beanie hats! Fun day! :) Here are some more pics of Peyton mastering sitting up!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Days are numbered...

So Adam got his commemorative plaque today- it's pretty cool looking- in the shape of an F-15! He's got one appointment left on Monday morning and then we are done!
Should be an interesting flight to Japan- we will be sitting at the Seattle airport for about 12 hours waiting for our flight to leave! I'm sure I'll be updating the blog from the airport!! :)

I will say we are really looking forward to our adventure overseas but we will miss all of you friends and family :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Only 5 days left in the United States!!

Decided to start this blog on the advice of Mrs. Merenda- excellent idea Mary! Not sure how great I'll be at blogging or keeping it up to date but I'm going to try! Here it goes...
Wow, in just 5 short days we will no longer be living in this country! Crazy! It still feels so surreal! We went down to the travel office yesterday and got our plane tickets so I guess it is definitely real now! 
Our little Goonie is going to be 6 months old on the 6th- where the heck has the time gone? She's such a little ball of energy! She's sitting up now and sqeakin' up a storm all the time- Granddad just left from his visit with us and is convinced she's gonna be a singer, lol! She's definitely found her little voice for sure! :) She makes me :) all the time! She still hates tummy time, all she does now is goes straight from tummy to back so I'm convinced she'll just up and walk and skip crawling!
Here are some more photo's for everyone to enjoy!!

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